Lapel Pins have made a definite comeback! A revival of all things vintage and classic brought them back from obscurity, but with a twist.

What is a Lapel Pin?

A small pin, which is generally worn on the lapel (left side) of a jacket. Its is referred to as a suit pin as well, as they were used to denote achievements or to show ones allegiance to an organisation or a political party. These aren’t the same silly pins you’ve seen growing up used as an accesory  in 80’s movies any more, but have become a very trendy style, and are a super efficient way to have fun with even the most mundane looks. They have now  become an easy and cost-effective way to customise your look, while adding the perfect personal touch to your suited look.

Check out this 4 unconventional way’s to wear a Lapel Pin!

1. Tradition – A lapel pin is to be worn on your left lapel.

Breaking Tradition – Here I have positioned this long stemmed pin on the right lapel, cos I feel that it looks better with a clean backdrop, minus the pocket on the same side.

2. Tradition – Use pins solo.

Wearing more than one pin is a very complex style to pull off. But the only conventional way to wear it, is to have one pin which is decorative and the other one should be either promotional or should symbolise a cause.

Breaking Tradition –  Here I have worn two decorative lapel pins, one being in the shape of a crown (cos you know, a King needs a crown), and the other being a really cool owl piece that goes great with the crown pin.

3.Tradition – Use the button hole to wear the pin.

A lapel pin is to be worn by piercing the pin through the button hole which is stitched on the left side on your lapel.

Breaking Tradition – I am wearing a different kind of lapel pin which has to be worn below the button hole, as it has an extension to it which is attached to the side pocket of my jacket. This kind of lapel pin gives you a more fuller look then the tradition one.

4.Tradition –  Pair your lapel pin with a pocket square.

A Lapel pin is generally worn along with a pocket square, which is placed on the left side of the lapel in your jacket pocket.

Breaking Tradition –  Here I am wearing a lapel pin on the side pocket of my Jacket, as opposed to wearing it on my lapel. As it gives me a cleaner and clutter free look which is ideal for an informal event.

No matter how you choose to wear one, the purist or the non – purist way, a lapel pin up’s your style game worn either way.

My advise to all you Gentlemen is be different , be unconventional and stay Stylish!

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