Still consider the Double-Denim look a taboo? Think again! This causal style of dressing has come a very long way from being a fashion faux pas in the past to being one of the trendiest looks of 2017 with celebrities like Kanye West and David Beckham donning the look now. So there’s no doubt that the double denim look has made a definite come back, and with a million different ways and styles of wearing it we thought we should put down a few general rules, and some styles for you.

General rules –

  • Avoid wearing a belt with your outfit.
  • Play around with contrasting and different shades to break the monotony.
  • Roll up your sleeves, and wear accessories to highlight your outfit.
  • Fit is very important as an ill fitted outfit can give you a very shabby look.
  • Stick to causal footwear.
SanneBerg / iStock By Getty Images
SanneBerg / iStock By Getty Images

Double Denim Looks:

1.All Blue  –

Being the most classic way of wearing denim on denim it’s also the most efficient and flexible of styles. But requires a balance between the shades of blue to be done right. So as the general rule goes that lighter colours draw more attention towards them while darker shades tend to give you a slimmer effect, so wearing a pair of dark blue jeans along with a light washed blue denim jacket would be an ideal way to rock this look.

2.All Black  –

The all black look being an eternal favourite makes this a very easy look to pull off. Pairing it up with a well fitted black denim jacket, and skinny fit jeans(distressed one’s look epic!) will make you look like a total rockstar!

3.All White  –

This one being a very rare choice makes it a tricky one as well! Before experimenting with an all white double denim look you must first understand the rules of wearing denim on denim. Essentially being a summer look it has the ability of making you look outstanding, while at the same time if done wrong it could send you straight to fashion jail!

The denim on denim look is an iconic look, which should not be dismissed. So if you still believe that it’s an ancient trend we urge you to try it out for yourself, and we promise you’ll be surprised!

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