Why I'm Not Complaining About Being Single In My 20s

Swagata Dam , 31 Oct 2017
Swagata Dam
Swagata Dam

I believe in love. I always will.

Yes, I know that bonds break, hearts ache, things change, people die. But love – love never ceases to exist.

It continues to exist in all those old photographs. In those home-cooked meals. In the memes that your friends tag you in. In the nagging concern that your parents have for you. In those high-spirited evenings with your BFF. Love exists all around you, all the time.

And it doesn’t always have to be the romantic kind of love. One doesn’t always need a romantic partner to feel ‘complete’. One doesn’t have to ‘settle down’ to prove their life is going on the right track.

I just came back from Europe after a 20-day long memorable trip. And no, there was no Raj holding out his hand for me from a EuroRail train. But I met SO MANY wonderful souls, had so many beautiful conversations, made so many breathtaking memories across five gorgeous countries. And I am happy.

My lovely friends, parents and my job – they constantly make me super happy.

But for some reason, a lot of people tend to believe that singlehood and happiness at my age don’t go hand-in-hand.

And questions like “How are you?”, “How is life?”, “How’s your work going?” etc get replaced by “When are you getting married?”

And I will never know what’s the appropriate answer to that until a certain day a certain someone walks into my life and changes it forever (in a good way). Till then..

I am 26. I am single. But I am happy. Isn’t that enough?

I think it is. 

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