As the battle between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut gets uglier, Kangana’s ex boyfriend Adhyayen Suman and his father Shekhar Suman have spoken in support on Hrithik after his recent appearances on TV channels, where he presented his side of the story. Hrithik alleged that he isn’t trying to present a ‘good guy’ image and understands his flaws entirely, but what’s happening here is that only one side of the story has been presented all this while, and people have come to conclusions without knowing or hearing the other side. If you’ve missed it, here are 16 things Hrithik revealed about his legal tussle with Kangana Ranaut.

Shekhar Suman took to Twitter to voice his opinions in support of Hrithik through a series of tweets.

His son Adhyayen Suman also showed his support for Hrithik

In a previous interview, when Adhyayen was asked about Kangana, he chose to stay mum.

Sorry haven’t heard about the interview …been too caught up with the more important things in life… and I am not interested in knowing about it either. It’s ok for people to have opinions and at this time I don’t have one.

Looks like he finally has decided to voice his opinion on the matter at hand. What are your thoughts?