“A Single Father By Choice Can Be Judged As Exceptionally Selfish” – Karan Johar

“A Single Father By Choice Can Be Judged As Exceptionally Selfish” – Karan Johar

Divya Rao
Karan Johar

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Karan Johar became a father to two lovely and absolutely beautiful twin babies earlier this year – Yash and Roohi. He has since then spoken multiple times about how his life has changed and how he too has changed all his habits, so he can be the healthiest, best version for his babies. If you’ve been wondering how KJo lost all his weight – you can read up on his secrets here.

Karan had in the past always spoken about how he longed to be a father because he felt he had paternal instincts. It’s probably why he’s so close to his three students – Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, and Sidharth Malhotra, and loves them like his own. In an earlier interview with India Today, Karan had spoken about being hesitant to parent a child.

I was hesitant. But it wasn’t surrogacy that I was hesitant about; it was about me being a parent. I felt I wasn’t emotionally ready till I was. When I celebrated my 40th, I was like I really feel now is the time I should… I still wasn’t emotionally there. But there was one year… there was a phase when I was about 42 when I realised that now is the zone I feel I can be a parent. And I have the ability to nurture lives completely; I can take on this responsibility and I started all the work that I had to do.

And look how things pan out. Today, he’s a doting father to his adorable twins. Karan revealed in another interview with India Today that it’s not going to be easy explaining surrogacy to his children.

Explaining about surrogacy to Yash and Roohi will be difficult. A single father by choice can be judged as exceptionally selfish. I hope there’s enough love to erase any doubt they have.

When asked if it’s a big responsibility, he added,

Absolutely, and I keep saying that they are my most ambitious productions. I have to make sure that I nurture them, love them, and I am accountable to them. I really want to be that kind of a parent because in my case, I have a dual responsibility. It’s like you get two for the price of one. My children will have the rare distinction of celebrating Mother’s Day as well as Father’s Day. I’m happy to have that responsibility since I’m ready for it.

We’re sending you all our love, Karan. And we’re leaving you guys with this adorable photo.