5 Hilarious Revelations Made By A 'Bad Mom'

Shreemi Verma , 02 Nov 2017

Being a part of MissMalini.com comes with a caveat that you have to be a movie buff. Having a boss who loves to make film references in everyday conversations and a CEO who has a light-saber in his office, it’s easy to say that loving cinema is encouraged here.

My personal favourite movie partner is my mom and in all these years I’ve never seen her laugh as much as she did during last year’s superhit Bad Moms. The Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn starrer was a fun comedy that challenged the “perfect mother” stereotype with utmost charm and spot-on chemistry between the 3 central characters of the movie.

Due to the massive success of the first film, we now have a Christmas themed part 2 which stars Susan Sarandon, Christine Baranski and Cheryl Hines along with the original cast. A Bad Moms Christmas (which releases in India on November 10th) will show the complicated and yet hilarious relationship between the three protagonists and their respective mothers! Needless to say, this is going to be a laugh riot.

Now, because we’re always on point when it comes to giving you a good dose of entertainment, we present to you MissMalini’s Hollywood Fix. In it’s first edition, MissMalini had a fun Facebook chat with her best friend Parul, who is a mother of three kids. The ladies discussed the challenges of being a mother, their love for Bad Moms and the role of mothers in pop-culture. Parul made some hilarious revelations on the times she turned into a ‘bad mom’.

MissMalini and Parul
MissMalini and Parul
MissMalini and Parul

On the hardest part of being a mother –

The hardest part of being a mom is living up to the expectations of your children all the time. It just gets to difficult, and as they grow older, they have so many demands.

On Mother’s Day being too mainstream –

Movie over Mother’s Day, did you know that July 29th is officially known as “Bad Mother’s Day”?

On pregnancy hormones and locking your husband out –

More than a bad mom, I think I’ve done some crazy things when I was pregnant. Once, I locked my husband outside the house because he didn’t come home on time. Those days we all used to have Black Berry phones and we’d all update our BBM statuses regularly. So I updated my status as “Baby, what time are you coming home?” and he’d put a status saying “I’m on my way home. I’ll be home by 4. And then I’m like it’s 4 and he’s still not home, so I texted “I’m locking the door.” And I could see all my friends watching it live and messaging me “don’t do this, let him in” “I’m sorry he was out so late”. I think I’ve done some crazy things when I was pregnant.

On being a ‘cool mom’ and not a ‘regular mom’ –

I think I’ll be sorting out my son’s entry in a nightclub. I also think I’ll bump into him quite a lot at parties.

On the time she became a ‘bad mom’ IRL –

Like in Home Alone, where the mother forgets her son at home, I left my daughter at a supermarket in Dubai once. I came back home with bags and I’m like “Oh, where’s Tanisha?” And my husband was like “She was with you”, and thank god, the supermarket was right downstairs so I got her home. I was pregnant then as well.

On always being the bad cop –

I’m the bad cop in front of my kids. But my way of disciplining them is very relaxed. I actually let them be and let them do what they want, they figure it out by making their own mistakes. It’s exactly how Mila Kunis does in Bad Moms, one day she wakes up and tells her kids to make their own breakfast. My logic was “you have to go to school, you get up, why should I do get up?” I told my son – “you get ready, pack your bag and shower” and my son was in shock. He was late for school on the first way, but the second way he actually woke up and then woke me up and said “Mom, I’m ready, can you at least pack me breakfast”?” and I was like “Aww, I’m so sorry I did that to you.” I think on and off they need a reality check.

And finally on Bad Moms being made in Bollywood –

The Bollywood remake of Bad Moms could have – Aishwarya Rai or Kajol as Mila Kunis, Asin as Kristen Bell, Sushmita Sen as Christine Baranski and Vidya Balan would play a brilliant Kathryn Hahn!

You can watch the entire interview here –

To win tickets for A Bad Moms Christmas, tag your friends in the Facebook post and stand a chance to win. If you want the bumper prize of 10 tickets, comment on the post with the craziest thing your mom has done, the best answer wins big!

PVR Picture’s A Bad Moms Christmas releases in India on November 10th.

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