Guess Who: Popular Actress Apologized To Her Guests After The Screening Of A Bad Film She Starred In

Shreemi Verma , 03 Nov 2017

Film previews are one of the few places where irrespective how bad the film is, the guests will always find something nice to say. As the invited are mostly peers from Bollywood, no one has the heart (or guts) to call out a bad film, especially not if you’re starring in it. But as per Rajeev Masand‘s blind item in Open Magazine, this popular actress is cut from a different cloth.

At a recent screening of her new film, the actress totally owned up to the fact that the final product was appalling. The talented lady came late to the screening herself, but she stayed till the end, long enough to see the tortured faces at the exit of the theater. The best part is that she didn’t ask them to give a response to the film, instead she whispered an apology to everyone.

This kind of honesty is refreshing and rare! You have any guesses who this great woman could be? Tell us in the comments below.

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