5 Annoying Oiling Hassles Every Girl Will Relate To

5 Annoying Oiling Hassles Every Girl Will Relate To

Prashansa Daniell

As ladies of the 21st century, we love making a statement with our hair. Whether it’s coloring it in trendy ways or styling them differently every day–the experimenting never ends! Now, even though we might not admit it, subconsciously we know that these very experiments can do so much damage to our hair–But what can you do about it?

If you’ve grown up desi, just like us you know the ultimate solution to rejuvenating dry, dull hair is frequently oiling it. But in this day and age, where we work nine-to-five’s and party till the sun rises, oiling our hair regularly seems like a daunting task.

Let’s admit it, ladies, no one wants to live with unhealthy hair, but what do we do when this oil…

1. Leaves Grease On Your Pillow Covers

We want to make our manes look healthier but those permanent pillowcase stains don’t make anyone happy!

2. Drips Onto Your Face

Extra oil sometimes leaks onto your forehead and results in a sticky face. Some women even experience an outbreak of pimples after the oil drip.

3. Puts You Under House Arrest

After a long week of work, the weekend is for letting go and unwinding with your friends and family but long hours of oiling leave you under house arrest. Netflix and chill only happens with yourself then.

4. You Turn Into Ms. Sticky Fingers

The chip-chip feeling after an oiling sesh always leaves us thinking about why we did it in the first place!

5. Leaves You With Smelly Hair

Even after rigorous washing, there is always a little bit of residue left over. It leaves your hair with a smell that is difficult to overpower no matter what perfume or hairspray you use.

The cons of oiling your hair seem to rise above the pros, don’t you think? So how does one rejuvenate their hair without having to actually oil it regularly? Well, we have just the solution you’re looking for. Along with our homegirl Priyanka Chopra and international YouTuber, Lilly Singh, Pantene has an answer for all your oiling hassles with their new Oil Replacement.

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