This season of Bigg Boss has been all kinds of weird – right from the contestants to the things they do on the show. It was initally meant to be a bunch of TV celebrities on the show, but this season has mixed the celebs with the commoners again. While it worked amazingly well last year, this year seems to be going down on the TRP charts.

Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani have been entertaining us all since day one but it looks like they’re going off on a completely different tangent this time. They were chilling in the garden area, where Arshi was dancing as usual and while she did a couple of moves with Akash, he was staring at her and then asked her to tear her clothes and expose as she’d get more ‘footage’. This was all done in ‘good humour’ but it’s creepy nonetheless. He was also heard talking about Benafshaa‘s lady parts before on the show.

Make what you will of it but if you must, you can watch the full video here.

Evicted contestant Lucinda Nicholas too alleged that Akash kept asking her to kiss him despite her saying no. She told Indian Express,

Initially it was funny the way he sang for me but it slowly turned really dirty. He kept asking me to kiss him and even when I said no, he kept on persuading me. It was disgusting when he told me that a girl’s no actually means yes. That’s a very cheap thought and I am relieved to get away from him.

What are your thoughts?