Bollywood’s eternal heartthrob and every girl’s dream man Milind Soman turned 51 a couple of days ago. Yes, 51. That means I’ve had a crush on him for at least the last 20 years of my life! Milind took off to Norway with his girlfriend Ankita Komwar to ring in his birthday and has been sharing the cutest photos of the two of them with the most romantic backdrop.

Check it out.

Quite the way to celebrate a birthday, no? And if you’re wondering about Milind’s relationship, he spoke about Ankita in an interview with Hindustan Times a while ago.

The girl I’m with right now actually likes my restlessness. She accepts that I may be in one place today and a different one tomorrow, or doing one thing today and something else tomorrow. In fact, she’s a bit like that. When you grow older, you realise that all that matters is the connection between two people. What the other person’s dreams are, what they do, what they want to be, that’s their business and you have to give them space for that.Couldn’t agree more! Sending these two lots of love. <3