Meet Amit Mishra – The Bollywood Singer We Are Currently Crushing On

Meet Amit Mishra – The Bollywood Singer We Are Currently Crushing On

Swagata Dam

The singer of popular Bollywood songs like Bulleya, Galti Se Mistake and Sajan RadioAmit Mishra has currently caught the fancy of many women across the country. Of course, his beautiful voice is enough to attract everyone’s attention, but it’s also his chocolate boy look that makes him extremely crush-worthy. However, there’s a lot more to him than his voice and appearance. He’s a biking enthusiast, a wanderlust soul, an adventure junkie and an animal lover. Plus, even after bagging several awards and lending his voice to some of the biggest superstars of our country, this Lucknow lad still exudes a certain nonchalance – and that somehow makes him even more likable. While his love for music is known to all, not many know about his other passions. Amidst his live shows and back-to-back recording sessions, I managed to catch up with him and talk about things that are close to his heart. Meet the other facets of the singer:

The Biker

I recently bought a Harley Davidson street 750. I always enjoyed riding a bicycle during my school days and during my college days, I fell in love with biking. It’s my passion.

The Adventure Junkie

I like adventure sports. Whenever I get the opportunity, I try new things. I had done zip sliding across 9 mountains in Cape Town and that was a memorable experience. Now, I really want to go for scuba diving soon.

The Dancer

I really enjoy dancing. Whenever I perform on stage, I try to do the hook steps of my songs. The Manma Emotion move was pretty tricky but I still managed to learn it. And now, I also do the hook steps of Galti Se Mistake and Suno Ganpati Bappa Moriya. When you perform live and do these things, the audience really likes it. And it’s good fun!

The Animal Lover

I love animals, especially dogs. Spending time with my pet makes my heart happy.

The Family Guy

I love visiting my parents, nanaji and other relatives in Lucknow. I love how my family feels super proud whenever I win a new award. They have been collecting all my trophies since my childhood.

The ‘Yaaron Ka Yaar’

Whenever I go to my hometown, I make sure I spend a lot of time with my buddies. We go to McDonald’s. At night, we go for coffee or kesariya milk. Then we talk about music and jam all night at their studios. I also play a lot of cricket there with my childhood friends. Sometimes we even go for road trips.

The Foodie

I LOVE eating. I am a paneer lover. I also love dal-chawal. But singers need a lot of discipline when it comes to the food habits. So I have to be careful nowadays. But I eat my heart out when I want.

And most importantly…

The Life Saver

I had saved some piggies as a kid. It was on 31st December I remember. They had fallen inside a gutter near my house. So my mum asked me to wear a towel and get in there to save them. And then I went in like a rescuer, feeling like Tarzan. It was a very proud feeling. I am a life saver (laughs).

I mean, how can you not love a guy like this? Isn’t he such a cutie?