Sonam Kapoor’s Top 10 Most Iconic Fashion Moments

Sonam Kapoor’s Top 10 Most Iconic Fashion Moments

Prashansa Daniell
Sonam Kapoor

When we think Sonam Kapoor, we don’t just think Bollywood actress. We think fashion entrepreneur, style icon, social media star and so much more. Through the years, she hasn’t confined herself to just being an actress but has proved to be so much more. Fashion being one of her most evident obsessions, Sonam has inspired us with her style which is sometimes easy-to-wear and sometimes downright iconic. Today, 10 years ago, she brought her talent to the Indian film industry and grew into one of the most sought-after actresses and we know of!

As self-proclaimed fashion junkies, we can’t help but look back on ten of her most iconic fashion moments, like…

1. When she channeled being a badass beach goddess

2. When she looked like a real-life Barbie

3. When she made metallic saris a thing

4. When she proved feathers can be graceful too

5. When she gave us #BrideGoals

6. When her OOTD was synonymous with art

7. When she proved to be a #GucciGirl through and through

8. When she showed us she could be an emerald in real life

9. When she slayed in her own creation

10. When she was the ultimate queen of all

We don’t think we can ever pick a favorite, can you? Let us know in the comments below.

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