5 Fashion Hacks For Lazy Girls

Prashansa Daniell , 10 Nov 2017

It’s a hard life being a lazy girl who loves fashion, right? Girls like us, we love scrolling through our Instagram feed and double-tapping all those stunning OOTDs. But when it comes to dressing up yourself, the lazy bug takes over and those five extra minutes in bed feel like heaven. Don’t sweat it cause we’ve got you covered. With these five hacks.

1. Say Yes To Wrinkle-Resistant Fabrics

Choose fabrics like chiffon, denim and thin woolens to make sure you don’t need to go through the hassle of early-morning ironing.

2. Use The Tuck Trick

If you’re wearing a crushed oversized shirt or blouse, remember to tuck just the front part in to make your OOTD double-tap worthy.

Up close & personal ?

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3. Statement Pieces Are Your Best Friends

Whether you’re wearing a simple white tee or just a basic denim shirt, a statement piece is guaranteed to amp up any look.

Comfy Saturday stylish look ??#statementnecklaces @zaxexpress

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4. Go The Monochrome Way

If you don’t want to think your outfit through too much, just go the monochrome way and match it all out.

5. Cheat With Athleisure

Aren’t we all glad that workout wear also looks so good? Stay comfortable and stylish simply by wearing a pair of your chic-est workout clothes.

Let’s say you’re just one step away to conquer your biggest fear, but you have to face it again… would you go for it? Ego shows up in our lives in different ways. But it wasn’t until a few days ago •thanks to my husband• that I realized that ego can show up in the form of fear… how many times have we not done something because of fear? ⠀ Lately I’ve been experiencing that kind of ego, but that has made me realize that it’s fine not to have everything figured out. It’s fine not to have everything under control. Today I’m letting that fear go away. Today I’m embracing life and uncertainty! After all… adventures are great, aren’t they? #S2BM #MacrosByPao ⠀ Wearing @beloforte || ? :: @dannytrz

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Which of these hacks are you gonna try? Let us know in the comments below!

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