Revlon's New Hair Dryer Is A Real Game Changer

Jyotika Udeshi , 10 Nov 2017

In my mind, hair dryers are reserved for special occasions. The amount of time it takes to completely wring out the water, plus the strain it leaves on my wrists, is a real deterrent to using a dryer daily. However, Revlon’s newest tool is making me rethink my inhibitions.

The Salon 360 Surround Styler is an innovative product that dries hair from all directions… even vertically. Unlike regular dryers, this one requires you to place your strands in the middle of the system. The dual air jets target from the front and the back to leave you with a gorgeous blowout. In addition, the 360 degree coverage allows your locks to dry faster, thus exposing them to heat for a lesser period of time.

If you are wondering how on earth this will work on your roots, the brand has another solution. You can rotate the body of the dryer to turn into the classic style. The nozzle will then focus all it’s attention in one direction.

Doesn’t this dryer sound like a dream? I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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