India’s First Vertical Pop Music Video Is Here And We're Totally Digging It!

Swagata Dam , 13 Nov 2017
Anirudh Ravichander
Anirudh Ravichander

The music scene in India has undergone a great transformation in the last few years. Non-Bollywood music is also being welcomed with open arms by our current generation. But that’s only if the content is really impressive and unique – which brings me to the super talented Anirudh Ravichander‘s new outing titled ‘Bewajah‘. Along with the global music giant Sony Music, Anirudh has dished out India’s first vertical video!

A path breaking concept, the music video is a visual delight from the moment go and brings a whole new unique experience to all music fans! The video in its distinctive style showcases old classic movie posters that are re-imagined through the video, giving it a retro feel. Starring Anirudh along with the gorgeous Romika Sharma, the video highlights a love triangle with an endearing conclusion, making it a fun watch!

Says Anirudh, “Fans of music in general are always looking for exclusive content and for me going vertical was a way of giving them that. The entire concept is very unique and the process of creating the same was also very different. The end product looks good to me, I am sure fans will love it too!”

Adding on Shridhar Subramaniam – President India & Middle East Sony Music says, “This is revolutionary, the concept as well as the end product. Musically the song has an infectious groove and captured in an arresting visual style using the vertical screen format which gets you hooked from the word go. We are very proud to be a part of this innovative style and are confident that Anirudh fans will love this.”

Spearheaded by Satish Raj and Aman Dhillon, the video was under curation for over three months with inputs from Anirudh and Sony Music.

Lading social platforms like Snapchat and Facebook have seen a rise in vertical video consumption in the past year. Plus, smartphone users hold their phones vertically 94 percent of the times! So it won’t be wrong to say that ‘Vertical is the new cool’.

Cashing in on this trend, Sony Music and Anirudh collaborated and created this video for the ‘always on the go’ generation!

Composed, produced and sung by Anirudh, the beautiful pop song is available across all digital platforms. Check it out!


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