I have a love-hate relationship with false lashes. Although I adore the dramatic look that they give me, I hate the glued-on feeling and the way they rip off my natural lashes when I take them off. Thus, when I heard about magnetic false lashes, I was intrigued!

One Two Lash, is a company that sells lash extensions that are magnetic in nature. Unlike the standard falsies, these do not require any sort of adhesive. Instead, you take the two strips and sandwich your natural lashes between them. Due to the magnetic bond between the strips, these lashes stay put firmly all day. Another major advantage is the removal. Instead of peeling them off like regular falsies, you simply have to slide the strips in opposite directions to break the bond. So easy and so painless!

Currently, the brand offers 3 variations. The Original Lash is suited for an everyday look, whilst the Bold Lash adds drama and glamour. For the understated, there’s a subtle Accent Lash. Each of these are reusable, which makes the $59-$69 price tag seem a little less heavy. Although there are many brands who are trying to replicate these, the reviews state that those fall off easily and look unnatural. So, it looks like One Two Lash is definitely the one to try.

What are your thoughts about this?

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