This Makeup Brush Cleaner Is A Real Game Changer

Jyotika Udeshi , 16 Nov 2017

How long has it been since you’ve washed your makeup brushes? Although doing this regularly is absolutely essential (think of all the bacteria), most of us take it to be a chore. The time taken to properly clean and then dry the brush has always required serious commitment… till now.

The StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer is a cool, new tool that promises to leave your brushes fresh within a few seconds. Not only that, you can even use the brushes directly after cleansing, instead of waiting for them to dry!

So, let’s get down to how it works. The kit comes with 8 silicone collars, which are flexible enough to fit most types of brushes. Once the cleansing solution is poured into the bowl, you can fit the collar containing your brush into the StylPro device. Then, lower the tool into the bowl and turn it on to whirl. Not only will the device get off all the residue and grime, but will also spin-dry your brushes completely.

Considering how tedious it is to actually wash our brushes, this device seems like a gift from the Gods. We’re definitely putting on our wish list!

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