We've Got The Inside Scoop On Ed Sheeran's India Tour Itinerary

Alisha Fernandes , 17 Nov 2017

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It really helps to have an inside connection every now and then, doesn’t it? Ours is exactly how we know that Ed Sheeran arrived in Mumbai today! Like we mentioned yesterday, this is his second visit to India and is here a whole two days before his concert date just so he can explore this manic metro.

How did he get here?

Can we also take a minute to appreciate that this superstar took a regular flight and not a private jet, like we would’ve otherwise imagined. But obviously even despite his down-to-earthness, there are some things a star can’t get away from. Like his unsurprisingly packed schedule or his 45 member entourage or fleet of luxury cars they travel in.

Where’s he at?

Apparently, they’re going to be spoiled rotten  considering they’ve booked out 60 rooms at a certain South Mumbai hotel. (Any guesses, you guys?)

What’s he going to eat?

Rumour has it that the Ambanis are going to host a lavish 7 course traditional Indian dinner.

What’s he going to wear?

He will be wearing black trainers, black jeans and black T-shirt for the gig. Talk about all black lovin’.


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Who’s going to be there?

We also hear that this concert will be more intimate rather than large scale with a guest list that reads of names like Alia Bhatt, Akash Ambani and Arjun Tendulkar are some of the people who are confirmed to attend the concert.

What’s backstage going to be like?

This humble multimillionaire has the most modest backstage requirements, unlike many of his popstar counterparts.  A bottle of Robinson’s fruit squash, fresh passion fruit juice, milk, beer, a six-pack of fizzy drinks, a jar of Manuka honey and a plate of assorted sliced fresh vegetable and fruits are all he requires in terms of food and drink.  His backstage wardrobe will include six shirts, two T-shirts, a hoodie and six shoe boxes.

To give his backstage room a personal touch, the promoters have customised it to include animal and automobile graffiti because cats and bicycles are among his most favourite things.

So, are we going to be seeing you at The Divide Asia Tour Mumbai concert? We hope so coz it’s going to be a good one!

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