Everything You Need To Know About Menstrual Cups

Everything You Need To Know About Menstrual Cups

Rashmi Bhosale

A menstrual cup might be a newbie, but because of the advantages, it is already giving tampons and pads a run for their money. But, one look at the product and we know that it would be a daunting task to even think of switching to a menstrual cup. Menstruation still being a taboo, how will you ask anyone if these cups are truly genius or not? Well, the curious cat really wanted to know more and here’s what it found out:

1. This cup is used to prevent leakage of menstrual fluid.

It’s a hygiene product designed to be inserted in the vagina during menstruation (*still contemplating*) and to collect menstrual fluid. It is bell-shaped and made of silicone that is flexible. The cup is supposed to be placed below cervix, and it seals in place to the vaginal wall.

2. There are different right ways to insert it.

Folding of the cup is essential because it will help you insert the cup properly in place. There are many techniques like U fold, push down, etc. to get it right. Make sure you read the manual properly and practice beforehand. Since it’s flexible and can bounce open anytime, the process is going to be a major workout.

3. It not only saves your money but also the environment.

If you use it properly, the menstrual cup can last almost a decade (that seems a lot, doesn’t it?) because of its reusable nature. Imagine the number of disposable pads and tampons you won’t waste your money on and thus, save the environment. Also, you can use it just twice a day and even sleep with it.

4. Removing it can be a hassle.

Once you find the stem, you need to pinch the base of the cup to remove the seal and pull down to remove it completely. Then dispose of the content in the toilet, and wash the cup with warm water and water-based soap. You can reuse it if you’re still on your periods or sterilise, dry off and pack it for your next cycle.

5. It is liberating.

Since it’s leakage proof, you don’t really have to look behind and check up on yourself constantly. If you feel it really can’t be that easy, you can use a panty liner along with it. Also, the medical problems that can be developed by the tampons and pads are avoided.

Menstrual Cup | Image Source: www.shutterstock.com
Menstrual Cup | Image Source: www.shutterstock.com

This basic information has intrigued us to give it a try. Will you dare to try out a menstrual cup anytime soon?

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