Working out for a while now, but seeing no considerable results? Maybe we can help! Fitness has now become a major part of all our lives, and that’s why being able to tell a myth apart from an actual fact has become more important then ever. Tips you receive from workout buddies and other guys at the gym are one of the main reasons behind these fitness misconceptions, and a lot of so-called “facts” that have been passed down over the years tend to make us believe these myths, and this is found mostly among newbies. So we decided to bust a few of these fitness myths for you, and this may not result in you looking like the Hulk, but it will definitely ensure that you make smarter choices, and live a healthier life!

6 Fitness myths decoded with actual facts:

1. Myth – Starving yourself helps in weight loss.

Fact – What happens when you starve your self is that your body does not receive the daily nutrients it needs to function, and although this does result in weight loss, but at the cost of your health making you acidic and very weak. It’s the worst way to lose weight, and should be avoided at all costs.

2. Myth – Running will make you fit.

Fact – Being fit is not having six pack abs or bulky muscles, but is being healthy and having strong muscles. Running is a very important part of your fitness routine, but its not the end game. Cardio without weight training makes you lose fat but does nothing to strengthen your muscles, which is crucial to achieve your goals!

3. Myth – High protein diets are bad.

Fact – An excess of protein can get taxing on your kidneys, but for optimum muscle growth your protein intake has to be high. So what is required is a well balanced high protein diet, which is a good mix of all the vital nutrients and a lot of water.

4. Myth – You can crunch your way to abs.

Fact – Ab muscles can not be attainted by doing a zillion abdomen crunches. They actually do not contribute as much to getting a six pack as much as your diet and workout routine does. When you crunch you are toning your mid section, which does not directly result in getting abs, but definitely helps in achieving them!

5. Myth – Longer hours at the gym helps burn more fat.

Fact – The key to fitness is consistency! This involves you hitting the gym and eating right every single day. Going as hard as you can or as long as you can every time you workout will not accelerate your fat loss or muscle gain, but will result in fatigued muscles or worse in an injury.

6. Myth – All protein supplements are the same.

Fact – Due to the abundance of protein supplements you may think that any one of them will work for you, but that is incorrect! There are different kinds of supplements (whey, soy, casein) which are made using different ingredients, and contain varied amounts of protein, fats, sugar etc, so understanding which supplement meets your requirement’s best is very important.

So guys pay heed to the facts and not the myths. Do your research, work hard and be dedicated to your body. Make fitness a lifestyle, not a choice and we promise your dream body ain’t far away.

You can thank us later!!

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