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Vaseline Wedding Hacks
Vaseline Wedding Hacks

We bet you agree that it’s overwhelming if you have back-to-back weddings lined up this season. From figuring out the outfits for different functions to prepping for makeup, some of these things need to be planned way in advance. No matter how much you prep, there are some last minute glitches that are unforeseen. So, to avoid the frenzy of the full-on panic mode, here are a few hacks for you to survive the wedding season:

  1. Fix Clumpy Mascara
  2. Avoid Shoe Blisters
  3. Soften Earholes
  4. DIY Lip Scrub
  5. Soften Skin Before Plucking
  6. Remove Fake Lashes
  7. Remove Bangles Easily
  8. Get Glossy Eyes
  9. Wet Hair Look
  10. Get Glittery Lips
  11. Unstick Zippers
  12. Heal Embroidery Rash
  13. Get Perfect Arches
  14. Make Your Scent Last Longer
  15. DIY Bindi
  16. DIY Conditioner

Check out the video in which your favourite bloggers show you how to level up this wedding season:

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Our Bloggers Reveal 16 Surprising Vaseline Hacks For The Weddi…

Your favourite bloggers show you a few #VaselineHacks that will get you ready for the wedding season! <3 #VaselineJelly Natasha Patel Sjlovesjewelry Myhappinesz Aakriti Rana Gill Debasree Banerjee StyleDrive Rickshawali Larissa D’Sa

Posted by MissMalini on Friday, November 17, 2017

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