We Attended A Secret Artsy Dinner At Sassoon Dock & It Was Epic

Alisha Fernandes , 20 Nov 2017
Installation on the Kohli tribe at the innaugration ceremony of the Sassoon Dock Art Project by St+art

‘Lifestyle’ experiences seem to be where it’s at nowadays. People are less interested in doing singular things, like just dinner or just an art show and more on board with the idea of doing something that allows them to have a well-rounded experience that excites all the senses. In keeping with this trend was a particular artsy secret dinner that we had the pleasure to attend. Read on…

The Art Dock

Sassoon Dock in South Mumbai isn’t a place too many people pay attention to anymore, but it might be helpful to remember that this fast-paced metro was once a quiet fishing village and this is where all the action happened. Cut to this past weekend in 2017 and the same location was transformed into an art hub for the Sassoon Dock Art Project hosted by the St+art India Foundation.

The idea behind St+art is simply allowing all to access art by getting it out of conventional galleries and into street spaces so that everyone can enjoy it. And after successfully hosting festivals all over the country, they’re back with an experiential walk-through exhibition at the Sassoon Dock in Colaba  that features 27 Indian and international artists, as well as urban designers all of whose installations had the theme of environmentalism running through them; one of the strongest titled Plastic Ocean by Singaporean artist,  Tan Zi Xi, that drew our attention to the state of Mumbai’s coastline.

Plastic Ocean by Tan Zi Xi (@messymsxi) Singaporean artist Tan zi xi's installation, ‘Plastic Ocean’ is an awareness call towards the ignored plight inside Mumbai’s coasts. For two and a half weeks, the artist and her team sewed together nearly 400 kgs of plastic, that was sourced with the help of Banyan Nation, to put this installation together. Through Plastic Ocean, Singaporean artist Tan zi xi gives us a glimpse into the life of a fish. Her installation seems like a never ending ocean of plastic, amplified by mirrors that cover the walls of the room. Come by the #Sassoondockartproject to experience this mesmerising installation yourself. Massive thanks to @visit_singapore for supporting this project ? @messymsxi

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Flavour Diaries

What made this experiential walk through interestingly well-rounded was the fact that it also included the launch of the Singapore x Social Menu. Against the strong cultural backdrop of Sassoon Dock, the Singapore Tourism Board collaborated with Social to launch their Passion Made Possible brand in the best way ever – with food.

Bringing together industry great Chef Bjorn Shen to collaborate with Chef Gresham Fernandes and create an Asian and Indian flavour-forward special menu was a great way to bring together art, travel and food.

What we ate


Of the many creations, we absolutely devoured, the one that stand out in our memory are the Feta-Burrata (flavoured with sambal oelek eggplant on toasted rye and topped off with a garnishing of mint). Another cheesy course that was delish was the Grilled Haloumi ( served with burnt honey carrots, basil, and shaved walnut). As you can guess we are generally partial to cheese, but if you’re not feeling particularly cheesy, you should try the Fried Chicken Donut (a great savoury donut served with whipped garlic and pickled radish) and end with Lemak Ice (young coconut ice cream, palm sugar).

Social has always been about fusion food ideas while still maintaining the soul of the original dish and this collaborative menu is definitely in line with that ideology. Available in all Mumbai outlets from from today, November 20 to December 10, 2017, you guys will be able to try these tasty dishes for yourself!

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