Bigg Boss 11: Ravi Dubey Stands Up For Hina Khan After She Was Trolled For Crying Over Her Destroyed Teddy Bear

Divya Rao , 21 Nov 2017
Hina Khan, Ravi Dubey

This season of Bigg Boss has seen more ups and downs than an Abbas – Mustan film. From fights to people trying to make out with each other – there’s a lot going on on the show. As part of last week’s nominations task, the contestants were asked to sacrifice something in order to save another contestant from nomination. Priyank Sharma shaved his hair off to save Hiten Tejwani and Benafsha Soonawalla nominated herself for two weeks straight in order to save Priyank.

In a bid to save Luv Tyagi, Hina Khan was asked to destroy her favourite teddy bear, which she has had with her for eight long years. Everyone knows that destroying something close to you is very difficult but Hina chose to be a good friend and save the latter. With a heavy heart, she dunk the teddy bear in a bucket full of paint. She later broke down and cried relentlessly for hours and was made fun for doing so.

Her good friend Ravi Dubey came to her rescue and at a recently held press conference took her side when asked about the incident. He said,

For all the time I’ve known her, Hina is a very caring individual & she’s very protective of people she loves & cares about. So what if she got emotional about losing her teddy bear. We have stopped valuing emotions. It could be a thread on your wrist or your father’s blazer or your grandmother’s saree –  we all have certain items that are our prized possessions. The audience should not judge someone. You don’t know someone’s story. She’s a nice girl.

Aww. Spoken like a true friend. :)

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