Ed Sheeran in Mumbai - And What You Probably Didn't Know About Him!

Ameya Chaudhari , 21 Nov 2017

Ed Sheeran performed for the second time in Mumbai, at Jio Gardens, BKC on Sunday night as part of his ‘Divide’ Asia tour, and thousands of Cheerios ranging from small children to middle aged couples showed up to see their beloved singer-song writer perform live. Sheeran took to stage wearing an ocean blue kurta, with his guitar in his hand and that’s all he needed to send 10,000 fans into a musical frenzy! He sang hits like Shape Of  You, Castle On The Hill, Sing, Perfect and A-Team, and the crowd was just entranced throughout his performance. It was definitely a magical night, which every fan at the concert is gonna cherish for the rest of their lives!

So here’s a glimpse of what the concert was like last night –

So since you’re already humming his song, why not let you guys in on a few interesting facts about your favourite ginger haired singer:

  1. His full name is Edward Christopher Sheeran.

  2. His birthday is on February 17, 1991.

  3. His birth place is Halifax, England but grew up in Framlingham in Suffolk.

  4. He has been singing since the age of 4 in the church choir, and he also learned how to play the guitar at a very young age as well.

  5. He is not the only musician in the family, his older brother Matthew composes classical music.

  6. His offcial debut album was called +.

  7. His four guitars are named – Lloyd, Felix, Cyril, and Nigel.

  8. His favorite rapper is Eminem.

  9. He has the word Prince tattooed on his arm as a tribute to one of his favorite TV show’s The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

  10. He see’s colours in all his music. He once said “All my songs have colours…”You Need Me I Don’t Need You” for example is “aubergine”. It’s a sad song about struggling.”

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