The last one week has made me question the sanity of this nation after a bunch of goons threatened to chop off Deepika Padukone’s nose and behead Sanjay Leela Bhansali if the film was allowed to release. And why? Because they ‘think’ Rani Padmavati has been depicted in poor light. The matter refuses to die down despite SLB releasing a video where he states clearly that no such thing has been done and that no relationship between the lead character and Allaudin Khilji exists. Why do we need filmmakers when the public is highly capable of coming up with stories of their own?

Ranveer Singh spoke up a couple of days ago calling the situation a rather ‘tough one’. He said in an interview with Hindustan Times,

It’s undoubtedly a very tough situation. I am most concerned about Sanjay sir. At this point, for him to go through all of this is extremely difficult considering the amount this man has suffered, sacrificed and [the way he] fought to make this film. What anybody else is going through can’t be compared to what he is experiencing. It’s a difficult situation for him to be embroiled in after the kind of love and sheer effort he has put into the film.

Now Shahid Kapoor has reacted to the dangerous threats the team of Padmavati has been getting. He told Times Now at the on-going IFFI in Goa,

Any kind of conversation which is violent in nature is not nice. It is not in good taste. I think it is absolutely uncalled for and unfortunate.When asked about Sanjay Leela Bhansali‘s thoughts,

Well, I don’t want to be standing here representing him and what he wants to say. I think he has put out a video which clarified the biggest issue people had with the film. So that part has been clarified. He will speak as in when he chooses to speak, I don’t want to be putting words in his mouth. On Padmavati‘s release being pushed,

I am hoping for sooner than later. And I am sure some solution will happen soon. The process of certification has started, the film is being submitted, all the paper works are through. Having said that I am not Viacom, I am not Mr. Bhansali. I am not directly engaged with these conversations and these processes. I am an actor and I can share the information I have.It’s so sad and unfortunate that it has to even come to this. Here’s hoping this is resolved soon.