Akash Dadlani seems like quite the character in the house. I knew this the minute I saw him on stage during the opening night of the show when he kept calling Salman Khan ‘bro’ and doing that thing with his fingers. Hahaha. We all knew he’d be entertaining but it seems like he’s a tad bit creepy too. Remember when evicted contestant Lucinda Nichols alleged that he kept asking her to kiss him despite her saying no? That’s disturbing. And when he asked Arshi Khan to expose more on the show – that was said in jest but is still a little weird – I’m not going to lie.

Anyway, in a new series of events, Akash asked Shilpa Shinde (who he has been good friends with during the course of the show) to apply some lotion on his butt. He developed some boil and went up to her with this odd request. Shilpa was understandably confused and annoyed, and went to Hiten Tejwani to talk about it, saying she’ll teach him a lesson.

Later, Akash did the same thing with Hiten, Puneesh and Priyank, and Hiten couldn’t help but tell Shilpa that there should be a limit to jokes. Akash overhears this and is offended that Shilpa didn’t come and talk to him directly if she had problems with his sense of humour. He later understood that they were all talking in jest and wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, and things calmed down.

Well… you never know what can happen in the house!