A Lot Of People Are Rooting For Benafsha Soonawalla's Comeback In The Bigg Boss House

Swagata Dam , 27 Nov 2017

Benafsha Soonawalla‘s sudden exit from the Bigg Boss house has left many viewers of the show rather disappointed. It’s been a while since she came out but her fans are still missing her on their small screens. In fact, even her boyfriend Varun Sood wants to see her back on the show.

She had been experiencing a lot of bitterness towards her online because of the way her equation with Priyank Sharma was portrayed. But a lot of love is also coming her way for always being righteous. In fact, after coming out and watching the show, Ben took to Instagram to pour her out about some of her co-contestants she had misunderstood and everyone’s lauding her for that. Some of her admirers even started trending #BringBackBenafsha on Twitter. Check these out:


Clearly, a lot of people want to have her back on BB. When we got in touch with Benafsha and asked her how she feels about all the love and support, she said:

“It’s pretty surprising that I’ve got so many supporters and fans. I really had no idea. Salman even mentioned on the show that I got out with just a shockingly marginal difference in votes as compared to Hina and Sapna, who have a huge following from even before the show. And now I see posts of fans asking for me to come back on the show, which is so lovely to see. I too feel that my journey was incomplete, if given a chance I’d definitely go back and correct a lot of things. Also, kind of catch hold of the people that have shocked me. Of course, there are A LOT of haters too, but the fact that there are so many fans who want to see me inside makes me smile wide. And if I go back this time, no mistakes. Not even one.”

Well, here’s hoping that you get your second chance soon, Ben!

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