Dhinchak Pooja Wants To Be A Part Of A Popular Music Show And The Internet Cannot Handle It

Swagata Dam , 27 Nov 2017
Dhinchak Pooja

Cringe pop is a term coined by internet users to describe a certain music genre. It includes music and music videos which are ‘so bad that you cannot stop listening to/watching them’. Dhinchak Pooja is unarguably the biggest cringe pop star of our country today. Her videos have got millions of views online, she’s the face of thousands of fun memes and she even made it to this year’s Bigg Boss recently.

Now, guess what? The youngster wants to be a part of one of the most celebrated music shows of our country – MTV Unplugged. A while ago, the makers of the show took to Facebook, asking for suggestions regarding the last artist in their line-up.

A lot of suggestions poured in as many music enthusiasts named their favourite artists. And it appears that the super ambitious Dhinchak Pooja wants to be that last artist in their line-up. She posted a video the very next day with the caption ‘Ye video, MTV waalon tak pohchao #mtvunplugged‘. 

 Here’s how the people reacted:

And this is not even a fraction of the number of hate comments she has received on her video.

I cannot help but wonder if she’s really part of the line-up. I mean, just imagine the kind of outrage it will cause amongst the fans of the show and just music in general! What do you think, guys?

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