Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde Opens Up About Calling Off Her Wedding With Romit Raj

Divya Rao , 30 Nov 2017
Shilpa Shinde (Source: Twitter | @BiggBoss)

Shilpa Shinde has been one of the most promising contestants on the show. She has had a tumultuous relationship with Vikas Gupta – the two started fighting right from the time they came face-to-face on the opening night of the show and have since then been embroiled in more fights than one would’ve thought necessary. For those who might need a refresher, Vikas Gupta was the channel head on which Shilpa’s show aired on. She had an unceremonious exit and allegations flew back and forth from both sides.

Anyway, it looks like they’ve decided to get over that (at least for now). Shilpa was in the past dating actor Romit Raj for many years and the two were all set to get married when they called off their wedding one month prior to the date. All the arrangements including their wedding outfits etc. were ready, cards were printed and sent, but things changed last minute. While no one knows the real reason, she has always maintained that it was a mutual separation.

She spoke about it while chatting up Puneesh Sharma, where she claimed she runs away from everything – including her wedding. See for yourself.

Hmm. This is probably the first time she has spoken about it, even if it was in jest.

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