Are you one of those people that spend way too much money on extensively marketed dietary pills? Well, it’s time to put an end to that. Experts world wide agree that maintaining a healthy diet along with the right amount of exercise on a daily basis would entirely eliminate the need to consume any additional supplements. The very vitamins and minerals that are most commonly supplemented are found in many commonly consumed foods, called super foods.

Check out these 5 Superfoods, and all their awesome benefits:

1. Avocado –

This egg shaped fruit which is believed to be a native of Mexico, is not only delicious, but also contains all the essential fats required for a well balanced diet, and has become increasing important now due to the new low fat diet fad. The monounsaturated fats keep you full, and help in the absorption of other nutrients.

2. Salmon –

The wild caught Salmon is one of the healthiest foods around. It is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which our bodies do not produce, and is know to reduce the risk of heart diseases, lower blood pressure and also improve the functioning of the brain. Wow!!

3.Blueberries –

Blueberries truly earn the title of ‘super’ because these indigo coloured berries have anti-inflammatory properties, and are full of antioxidants and are high in Manganese, Vitamin C & Vitamin K. Having a low caloric value per serving as well, they are every dietician’s and nutritionist’s favourite super food!

4.Flax seeds –

These tiny brown seeds, are the #1 source of Lignans, which are plant components believed to lower the risk of cancer. Along with this, they are high in Omega-3, rich in dietary fibre and are a great source of protein.

5.Spinach –

This leafy vegetable, is just un-be-leaf-able! Spinach contains phytonutrients, which are anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer, it’s also an excellent source of calcium wherein a cup full of cooked spinach contains upto 12% of the daily calcium requirement your body needs, that’s probably why Popeye made sure to eat enough of it! Spinach is a very good source of iron as well containing almost the same amount of iron as a serving of beef.

Consuming these 5 Super foods should ensure you never having to take any dietary supplement pills, and more importantly, it will help you be your healthiest self! So make the required changes to your eating habits, and remember to eat healthy and stay fit!

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