Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra Seeks Revenge And Chops Hina Khan’s Hair During A Task

Divya Rao , 01 Dec 2017
Hina Khan, Bandgi Kalra

I’m honestly starting to wonder whether it is the Bigg Boss house or some sort of torture house because the contestants have been taking it a step further with each season. We’ve known for a long time now that the weekly luxury budget task always comes with its fair share of drama and fights – and not to forget some disgusting antics by the contestants. Remember when Om Swami threw his pee on Bani J and Rohan Mehra last season?

Well this season seems like its going to follow suit. As part of the luxury budget task for this week, the contestants have to try to rile up and oust the contestant from the opposite team, and I have to tell you, all sorts of things have been tried. From waxing people’s legs to putting chilli powder on people’s faces – everything. Akash even had an allergic reaction after he was forcefully fed garlic despite him mentioning he has a garlic allergy. Seriously, when did these people lose their brains and any sense of humanity?

Anyway, Hina Khan is the newest one to be on the hot seat and of course Bandgi Kalra is all set to take revenge. Hina had put chilli powder on her face when it was her turn, so Bandgi decided to chop off Hina’s hair in return. She also threw dirty toilet paper on her face.

Here’s a video for you.

I don’t even know what to say anymore.

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