Bigg Boss 11: Here's What Bandgi Kalra's Ex-Boyfriend Has To Say About Her Break-Up With Puneesh Sharma

Sukriti Gumber , 01 Dec 2017
Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma

It’s unlikely that love doesn’t bloom on most seasons of Bigg Boss, and the current season is no different. Bandgi Kalra & Puneesh Sharma have constantly made headlines for their romance and physical proximity inside the house (which also caused Bandgi’s father to suffer from a high BP).

Of course, there were rumours that they were faking their romance just for the sake of hogging limelight. Apart from all this, Bandgi had a boyfriend outside the house, Dennis Nagpal. Interesting, right?! This week, both the alleged lovers are nominated for eviction and Bandgi asked Puneesh for a break-up.

Pinkvilla asked Dennis about the plausible reason behind Bandgi’s sudden decision and he said:

Seeing the video where Bandgi is asking him to break up clearly shows she is insecure about getting eliminated and wants to finish her relationship with Puneesh and come out of the show clean, Also somewhere back of her mind she knows that their relationship is not been accepted by audience.

Well, makes sense. What do you think?!

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