5 Reasons Why Goa Is The Answer For Every Kind Of Traveller

5 Reasons Why Goa Is The Answer For Every Kind Of Traveller

Alisha Fernandes

As if you need more reasons to love Goa. Oh well, we have some great new ones for you anyway, coz we cool like that. For us lot, Goa needs no introduction considering most of us have taken it upon ourselves to spend the years between college and now to conduct in-depth “research” of the haunts and hideaways of our favourite holiday destination. BUT (yes, it’s a big but) have you ever paused long enough to realise that the Goa you know may just be tourist trap central? So, where do the locals go? Where do they eat, drink and make merry and what other fun stuff do they do that is so UN-touristy? Scroll away to know just that.

1. Live Here

This beyond beautiful villa aptly christened Summertime Goa is the perfect place to live. It has everything including the local touch thanks to the most gracious hosts.

2. Eat Here

Star Light in Assolna is the place for delicious Goan seafood and other non-vegetarian delights. An added bonus is that it’s nestled on the quiet and serene River Sal.

3. Party Here

Showbar is a new club in the party belt of Goa and is fashioned to look like an old school theater. But you party like a rockstar inside.

4. Shop Here

Sacha’s Shop is an eclectic and well-curated collection of local Goan and Indian designers that emulate the Goa vibe as perfectly as Sacha Mendes, the owner (also a local) does.

5. Explore Here

At Vaayu Waterman’s Village quite literally has something for everyone. From surf and kitesurfing lessons to art to delicious food and their Prana Cafe, this Mandrem hot spot is great for many things, but for adventure sports, it’s the best.

Now that we did this for you, do a little something for us and watch why Goa pros MissMalini, Sumeet Vyas, Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao unanimously say that Goa is their favourite travel destination in India.

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