Akash Dadlani is turning out to be quite the creep on this season of Bigg Boss with all his antics. First, he kept asking Lucinda Nicholas to kiss him despite her refusing to a bunch of times. Second, told Arshi Khan she should expose more and show cleavage for some footage (this was apparently ‘meant to be in jest’). Third, he asked Shilpa Shinde to apply lotion on his butt and that annoyed her, and she spoke to Hiten Tejwani about it. And now, the latest clip we’ve got our hands on, shows Akash forcefully kissing her without her consent. Shilpa looked quite irked and threatened to slap him after that.

Watch for yourself.


Seriously, what is going on? I thought Akash would go on to be one of those annoying but likeable and funny guys on the show. Instead, he’s making me wonder if he’s nothing but a creep!