Here's Why Shahid Kapoor Thinks Mira Kapoor Needs Security Personnel

Divya Rao , 07 Dec 2017
Mira, Misha and Shahid Kapoor
Mira, Misha and Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Kapoor tied the knot back in 2015 and have since then become one of Bollywood’s most celebrated couples. Mira has slowly gained a lot of attention, and as you all know, is now one of the most popular ‘star wives’ in Bollywood. The two often post cutesy photos of each other, and for those of you who don’t know, Shahid is equally good behind the camera, so he often ends up taking some epic photos of Mira – like this one.

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Gorgeous, right? Mira is now often papped everywhere she goes – lunches, dinners, parties or even when picking up Misha from her playschool. I guess all of this comes with the territory of being a successful actor’s wife, and naturally, there is a lot of curiosity around theirs. But Mira has always seemed to be level headed with no qualms about Shahid’s profession.

In a recent interview with Film Companion, he was asked about how Mira deals with this and how Shahid realised that she was interested in him as a person and not him as the star. He said,

I think whatever profession you are in, it’s going to affect your relationship and especially when you are working a lot. And stardom comes with a lot of things which are beneficial for an actor, but a burden for his or her life partner. Actually Mira is very unassuming and I honestly didn’t know that whether we will be able to talk or not because she was 21 and I was 34. She is from Delhi and just passed out from college and I was an actor and I didn’t know what we will talk. We ended up speaking for seven hours and there was no conversation about movies. There was curiosity to know how my life is an actor or what happens in the film industry or how is it attending star parties. How do you feel when people come running when you step out of the airport. None of these questions were asked.

He then spoke about a time when he thought Mira needed security personnel.

It was very normal with Mira and I am sure there were things that came along stardom which were difficult for her. Like for the first few times, I used to tell her that you should take a security personnel with you and she was like why and after good five or six times, she was like Shahid, people are randomly walking up to me and touching me and all. I was like now you know why? When she took the security person with her, the next day the headline was ‘Why Mira needs a security personnel? She is No Star? But that comes with profession I am in and it’s a professional hazard. Our biggest concern is Misha as we want to give her a normal life and she will always be. I will always ask this question to myself that I have burdened her because of who I am.

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

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