There’s A New Barbie In Town And It’s Not What You'd Expect

Prashansa Daniell , 09 Dec 2017

As kids, we’ve all had our collection of Barbie Dolls. From the Cowboy Barbie to the Hip-Hop Barbie and more, the toy industry went all-out with giving us figurines that represented Barbie in different careers, scenarios, and spaces but failed to represent culture, race, and reality. But as time passed, that changed in a substantial way. The Barbie doll is no longer seen as a fair, blonde-haired tall woman. The diversity factor has played a major role in making dolls that real children can actually relate to with dolls like these.

Leveling up the real factor, Barbie now has a doll crafted after supermodel and our forever #GirlCrush, Gigi Hadid from the GigiXTommy collection. The doll is wearing a navy flag hoodie with shorts and cute sneakers from the model and designers collaboration. Plus that wavy hairdo gives the doll so much character.

Swipe to see the runway photo and the Barbie crafted especially for Gigi.

How cute is this! Would you buy one of these Barbies, too? Let us know in the comments below.

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