Aww! This Video Of Priyanka Chopra Dancing With Her Niece Is The Cutest Thing You'll See This Morning

Divya Rao , 11 Dec 2017

If you know Priyanka Chopra, you’ll know that she’s extremely close to her family. She makes it a point to spend time with them as and when she can, which isn’t very often given she’s globetrotting half the time with various work commitments to keep up with. She’s currently in the U.S. and is filming for the third season of Quantico and if you missed the news – she’s starring in two other Hollywood films, which she has already begun shooting for. Pretty cool, eh? I’d really like to know what she eats for breakfast to have that much energy!

Anyway, PC’s cousin and her darling niece Shireen (who she keeps posting photos of) visited her over the weekend and it looks like they had a gala time. PC was so excited, she posted this on her social media.

And then, we found this – which has got to be the cutest thing we’ve seen all morning! Look at the smile on the baby’s face. Aww.

And they had some pool time too!

What a lovely way to spend the holidays isn’t it? Speaking of which, Christmas is right around the corner and PC has already begun celebrating with her friends.

Cute, right? PS – We also hear she might be a bridesmaid at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s wedding. Exciting!

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