5 Beautiful Things Virat Kohli Said About His Wife Anushka Sharma

Sukriti Gumber , 12 Dec 2017

“Will they or won’t they?” was the question on everybody’s mind last week when rumours of Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma‘s wedding started floating around. Even though the latter’s spokesperson denied the news, it became pretty clear when we spotted Anushka’s family along with a pandit ji at the airport.

The #Virushka wedding was easily the best kept secret of 2017, but good lord, it was also the best surprise ever to see photos from their wedding flooding the internet last night. (I hardly got any sleep, TBH)

From the engagement to their HaldiMehendi ceremony; from Anushka’s stunning entry to their Reception invitation & Virat’s beautiful rendition of Mere Mehboob dedicated to his bae –  everything was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

A beautiful couple deserves all things magical, after all!

Here’s a throwback to all the wonderful things Virat said about his now wife Anushka:

1. Their wedding announcement for starters!

The fact that they both wrote the same caption is just SO sweet!

I can almost imagine them zeroing in on the caption! Can you?

2. Virat won some major brownie points for his adorable post on Women’s Day:

Acknowledging your mother and your other half together is a trait many men need to learn. Virat obviously nailed it!

3. And of course, his PDA on Valentine’s Day:


4. On a recent episode of Breakfast With The Champions, Virat dedicated the positive changes in his life to Anushka.

Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma

He said:

Lady luck ka kamaal hai. You have seen me, you know I had no sense before. Ever since the lady has come into my life, she’s taught me a lot of things. I’ve learnt a lot, become more sensible in the last 4 years all because of her. She’s taught me how to be more patient and taught me how to utilise the position I am in to the fullest. At that time too, I never tried to be anyone else. I never tried to tell myself that I should be reading books etc… those are gradual things. If you like it it, you like it. So, luckily I never tried to change myself. But the flip has been because of her.

You can read everything he said here.

5. And how can we forget Virat’s sincere revelation about Anushka’s presence in his life during the most pivotal moments of his career.

Our happiness knows no bounds and we are grinning with joy for these newly weds. It’s so endearing when 2 beautiful souls find each other and decide to spend a lifetime together. Isn’t it?!

Wishing you both all the love & luck ever, Virat & Anushka! <3

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