There are too many Black Mirror episodes that are all too relatable to pretty much everyone, at least in this generation, for sure. But none hit home for a Social Media obsessed generation as much as Season 3’s Nosedive did. And it did so, ‘coz it seems like the scenario portrayed could very well happen to us tomorrow. That said, the series has done surpassed ratings and all bars of critical acclaim because the common thread through the series remains one of unease with the modern world.

The anthology series produces stand-alone episodes with a clear-cut, cutting, suspenseful story line along the common theme of contemporary techno-paranoia that culminates into an unsettling conclusion. This show is a commentary on how technology has transformed all aspects of our lives and the latest season is no different. In fact, by the looks of the trailer, it’s even more gripping. Watch it now and try to tell us you won’t be glued to your Netflix screen on the 29th!

Damn son! Black Mirror might be a little too real, if you know what I mean!