ICYMI: Here's A Compilation Of Your Favourite Bloggers' Winter Beauty Hacks

Rashmi Bhosale , 15 Dec 2017
Vaseline Winter Hacks
Vaseline Winter Hacks

As mercury dips, we dive into power-up zone with a warm closet on-the-go. But, at times we miss out on skincare until it’s too late. Like you guys, we’re also looking for ways to combat these problems before they arise. So, we called in your favourite bloggers to share their tips and tricks on how to get through the harsh winters, smoothly. Here are some of their go-to winter beauty hacks with just one product, Vaseline:

  1. Treat Split Ends
  2. Treat Dry Hair
  3. DIY Scrub
  4. Heal Razor Cuts
  5. Moisturise Dry Skin
  6. Avoid Uneven Skintone
  7. Moisturise Dry Elbow
  8. Moisturise Dry Feet
  9. Treat A Dry Nose
  10. Heal New Tattoos
  11. DIY Facial Cleanser
  12. DIY Night Cream
  13. Soften Cuticles
  14. DIY Hand Scrub
  15. Moisturise Lashes
  16. Heal Scars
  17. Exfoliate Dry Lips

Check out the video to see these bloggers tackle their winter woes like pros:

India's Top Bloggers Show You Their Favourite Winter Beauty Hacks

Team MissMalini teamed up with 7 bloggers to bring you these simple #VaselineHacks! Tag a friend who needs #VaselineJelly in their lives! #WinterCare <3 Natasha Patel Rickshawali Larissa D Sa Sjlovesjewelry Myhappinesz StyleDrive Aakriti Rana Gill

Posted by MissMalini on Thursday, December 14, 2017

*This post is in partnership with Vaseline India. 

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