Bigg Boss 11: Hiten Tejwani Gets Voted Out Of The House By The Contestants

Sukriti Gumber , 18 Dec 2017

A lot of Bigg Boss 11 followers were left disappointed yesterday when Hiten Tejwani got voted out of the house. He, along with Priyank Sharma was in the bottom 2 & it was upto the contestants to decide which one of them gets evicted.

Since Hiten was clearly the stronger competitor between the 2, a majority of the housemates voted against him, which led to his eviction. The actor was one of the most favourite contestants in the house – always calm & grounded, a smooth & efficient captain & hardly ever lost his cool. Reciprocating Arshi Khan‘s advances could have put him right in front of the limelight but he loves his wife Gauri Pradhan too much to let that happen.

He was just perfect, and I have to admit, it was sad to see him leave the house. Here’s what he told DNA after coming out of the house:

It was a wonderful and fantastic experience! I came out the same person that walked into the house, though I am much calmer now. My sanity is intact.

Also, you just earned yourself thousands of fans, Hiten!

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