By now you know that the Unicorn trend has been all the rage this year. From palettes to product packaging, to the makeup tools, we’ve seen the world take on this pastel, holographic, glittering and sparkly trend. Some hate it, some love it but if your soul is actually a unicorn and if you’ve always dreamed of a cool hair colour, check this out.

We came across a super cool video when you can now buy a hair foam that can make your hair semi-holographic and super glittery. Whether curly hair or straight or thick, all you really need is the foam from IGK Hair, a comb or an application (you can even use your hands) and a funky hairstyle. It comes in 2 colours; pink and purple and can be washed out with shampoo. How easy is that?

Click the video above to watch the magic.

So, let us know below if you would give this hair foam a try. Until then, follow @missmalinibeauty on Instagram for more.