Bigg Boss 11: Hiten Tejwani Calls Hina Khan Fake Post His Eviction

Divya Rao , 19 Dec 2017
Hiten Tejwani

Hiten Tejwani‘s eviction this weekend came as a big shock to us all. He was one of the most deserving contestants on the show, and I kid you not, I thought he’d win the show. I mean, have you ever seen someone this calm and composed for weeks together despite all the drama going on around him? It takes a lot of gravitas and patience to not get pulled down to that level. Just last week, his wife Gauri Pradhan visited the house and the two had an emotional meeting, which gave us all the feels. Hiten’s kids too went into the house and met their father – and it was absolutely heartwarming.

While we’re still dealing with this new development, Hiten spoke about how it was surprising for him too. He told PTI,

It came as a shock to me. I deserved to be in the house as compared to some of them like Priyank and Luv. I think I was a threat to the other contestants. I feel people were waiting to chuck out the strong contestants. We are in the 12th week and the game will get dirty now.

He added,

I think, a majority of them chose Priyank to stay in the house. I think Vikas, Arshi andPuneesh voted in my favour. Surprisingly, Shilpa did not vote for me. I did save her once and I was not expecting her to return the favour. Competition is good, but one should compete with those of the same level. I don’t have anything against anyone. The choice was given to the housemates and they chose me.

When asked about who he thinks is fake on the show, pat came the reply.

Quite a few of them are fake on the show, people do things to be noticed. I think Vikas Gupta is good on the show, I still feel, Hina Khan is fake, Aakash changes his colour depending on which group is in the majority. Priyank and Luv do not seem to exist in the house.

We’re going to miss you on the show, Hiten!

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