Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde's Fans Threatened Sshivani Durga For Supporting Hina Khan

Sukriti Gumber , 21 Dec 2017
Sshivani Durga

Ex – Bigg Boss 11 contestant, Sshivani Durga who was eliminated in the initial weeks of the show had a peaceful stint in the house & mostly stayed away from controversies. However, she is ironically involved in one post her exit.

She is at the receiving end of a lot of hatred from Shilpa Shinde‘s fans. They have called her (ugh!) Om Swami‘s wife because duhhh, obviously all sadhus are related to each other. The reason for this hatred is her is that she is rooting for Hina Khan.

Speaking about the threats she is receiving, Sshivani said:

I started supporting Hina because I know she’s right & I’ve observed her during my stay in the house, I was a part of it & we’ve had long conversations & spent some time together. As soon as I started tweeting about her, many of Shilpa’s fans started bashing me & leaving obnoxious comments in my message box. They threatened me. It is sad to know the kind of followers Shipa has, I’ve seen Hina’s followers who are literate & well-mannered, they know where to draw the line. Shilpa’s fans have been targeting me, that’s why I know that I’m walking on the right path.

She further spoke about being compared to Swami Om:

What is ridiculous is they are comparing me to Swami Om & calling me his wife & I don’t think they plan to stop anytime soon. What not have they called me but I’m still going to continue to support Hina in the best possible way. I’ve started ignoring people who are utterly negative towards me.

She also said that one of her general tweets was misquoted in order to show her in a bad light.

When I brought this topic about Kashmir & Muslim issue openly, people took in a wrong way & they just wanted to prove that they were right, they termed it communal. It wasn’t a communal issue, it was just a logical thought behind the tweet. I’m not biased at all. I am open towards what I say & I know what I’m talking. Maybe they got scared that I got this topic because Shilpa Shinde does have majority of Hindu fans, but yes as soon as I spoke about Kashmir, Muslim & that Hina is not getting support because of that. I realized this when I received messages from people calling me a ‘Pakistani Kutte’ supporting Hina, my tweet was based on that. I’ll always support Hina till the very end.

This is quite unfair. What do you guys think?!

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