This New Hair Tool Will Give You Curls Instantly

Jyotika Udeshi , 22 Dec 2017

How many times have you lusted over your friend’s curly locks? There’s something just so alluring about those plush, springy strands. However, to get that kind of hair we often have to subject ourselves to the wrath of curling irons. Luckily, the beauty industry has saved us from future burns in the form of CHI’s Spin N Curl.

This unique tool creates curls instantly without any effort on your part. Essentially, you insert your tresses into a curl chamber. The rotating barrel spins to form 1-inch curls which are set with the help of heat. Depending on your hair type, you can set the temperature of the curler accordingly.

Another bonus? This tool will not affect the health of your hair at all. The ceramic heat technology protects your locks from getting fried. The device is also tangle-proof, so that you don’t get any unnecessary knots.

Personally, we’re super excited to get our hands on this tool. We can’t wait for the day where we can get effortless waves and curls, without straining our wrists. What about you?

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