17 Beauty Trends That Were Huge In 2017

Natasha Patel , 29 Dec 2017

There are plenty of things that happened this year. No, we’re not talking about the Kardashian pregnancies, however exciting they are. We’re talkie beauty. And for the most part, theses makeup and hair trends had us scratching our heads—While others had us in utter awe. Trends were set, trends fell through. But no matter what we documented all of the coolest, baddest, raddest and most of all tried and tested trends just for you.

So, look no further—Here’s the countdown to all the beauty trends that impacted our lives in 2017.

1. Sleek & center-parted hair

2. Pierced braids

3. Blurred lips

4. Makeup collaborations

5. Iridescent highlighters

6. Face masks

7. Burgundy eyes

8. Glitter lips

9. Facial treatments

10. Bendy waves

11. Weird brows

12. Lashes lift

13. Glass lips

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14. Geode hair colour

15. Reverse eye makeup

16. Bath bombs

Would you predict any of these trends still going strong in 2018?

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