9 Things Every Bride-To-Be Should Know About Wedding Makeup

Hrishitaa Sharma , 29 Dec 2017

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The wedding season has begun and every bride-to-be out there is on power mode, making lists of everything she needs to achieve before the D day. Having a flawless face for makeup is one of the key pointers on that list and we completely understand why. This one day will be remembered for the rest of her life and it should be nothing less than perfect! Here are 8 things to keep in mind about wedding makeup and the perfect bridal glow.

1. All treatments happen at least one week before the wedding date.

From a major treatment like hair colouring to as minor as brows threading, everything needs to be done at least a week prior to the said date to avoid any mishap. Keep your beauty regimen consistent the last week as the skin needs to feel balanced and proper.

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2. Schedule a makeup trial before the wedding date.

If you’ve booked a professional makeup artist to get you ready for your big day, make sure you try out few looks well in advance and finalise the one you’re most excited about. A spontaneous makeup makeover on the d-day is more like hit and trial, why take the risk?

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3. Primer is key for a divine and lasting beauty look.

No matter what products you use, make primer your best friend for the day! A primer will help your makeup stay during the long elaborate wedding ceremonies every bride has to go through. You wouldn’t want to run to the green room every half hour to touch up your makeup because that would be insane.

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4. Consider weather before getting makeup ready.

The weather is one of the major factors that can play a vital role in your beauty look for the event. Your skin needs to be prepped according to the weather. Especially if it is a destination wedding, being aware of the climate is only going to help you achieve your bridal beauty to the maximum.

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5. Fake lashes and contact lenses are great for enhancing your look.

Fake lenses and contact lenses might not come in our day-to-day makeup look but for an extravagant event like your own wedding, it sure needs to make the cut. They’ll help your beauty game score some major points and get you the compliments that every bride looks forward to after she’s all ready.

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6. Waterproof makeup will save the day.

Apart from the ceremonies being a little too long, they often get emotional as well. That’s where your waterproof eye makeup comes in and protects you from turning into a horror show. No need to keep those tears in, the moment only comes once in your life, live it knowing you’re ready for it.

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7. Match the makeup with your outfit.

The simplest way to choosing the colour scheme of your makeup is by matching it up with your outfit. If the makeup compliments your bridal wear then you’re golden.

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8. Go little extra for the pictures.

It’s always good to keep things simple but whatever look you have decided, make sure you take up the artistry a notch up. You don’t want to look washed out in the pictures. The lights and the flash often ttoneyour makeup down so it’s always advised to go a little extra on the makeup glam.

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9. Sleep and relaxation need to be a priority before your wedding day.

The number 1 trick for the perfect bridal glow is enough sleep. Keep your motto as too blessed to be stressed and get your nerves completely relaxed before the big show. You’ll need every minute of your sleep before the big day and it’s going to show on your face. So if you want the makeup to do the magic prep yourself with sound sleep.

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We wish you and all the brides-to-be a lovely fairytale of a wedding! Hope you keep the above pointers in mind and make some great bridal memories on your big day.

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