TIMEOUT 72, the Indian music festival to beat all Indian music festivals is all set for the last week of December in Goa and one of the headliners is our favourite, Martin Garrix. Leading up to the big event, we managed to ask him a few choice questions to try and get some deets about the December show. Unforch, it turns out he’s one for surprises, but fret not, we got some other juicy deets for you still. Read on to know more…

1. We’re almost at the end of 2017. How has the past year been for you?

I’ve experienced so many amazing things again this year. First off, we’ve had a crazy festival season with shows like Coachella, Lollapalooza, Ultra and Tomorrowland. I of course had my two amazing residencies in Ibiza at Hï and Ushuaïa and a Las Vegas residency at Omnia. Another great moment for me this year was playing two sold out nights in the Amsterdam RAI during ADE again. One of the shows was for all ages and it was so amazing to see all these young people who normally can’t go to my shows enjoy themselves to the fullest. In 2018, I will first take some time off to go on a holiday first. But we’re confirming some shows again at the moment, so I’m already looking forward to that!

2. You once said that you can’t work with someone you don’t connect with. On what level is the connection?

When you have a great connection in the studio it’s almost magical. You have to be comfortable around each other and also connect on a personal level next to a musical level. That enables an atmosphere in which you get more creative.

3. Who are your favourite DJs currently?

There are so many good DJs out there at the moment! I have a lot of great talent on STMPD RCRDS, we recently released songs from Blinders, Brooks, CMC$ and Codes. All so talented!

4. What keeps you motivated?

My love for music always keeps me motivated. It’s literally a hobby that has grown to a certain level. As soon as I wake up I listen to music; I go to bed while listening to music; I make music. And of course my fans, who keep me motivated with all their support. To see them having fun and sing along to my tracks at shows is just amazing. That really gives me so much energy!

5. Do you ever feel the pressure of stardom?

I do feel pressure from time to time, but I think that is normal as an artist. You want to evolve and show that to the world. It’s just that I don’t want to disappoint my fans and want to give the best of myself every single day.

6. How does it feel coming to India? What do you like the most about the country?

I always love going to India. It has so much energy and so many loyal fans. Every time I do a show the whole crowd goes crazy and I love that vibe. My past experiences have been crazy! I always get so much support here. A lot of times, people are already waiting for me at the airport.

7. How long will you be here this time around?

I will probably be there for the weekend, so if I have some time off I definitely would like to do some sightseeing! I always like to see something from the country that I’m visiting.

8. What is the difference between fans in India and back home?

That’s difficult to say. You have different energy levels in countries I think, but I love all my fans and appreciate all the support. I always find it so overwhelming when I come to a country and people are already waiting for me at the airport. And then at the show the crowd is absolutely madness. That’s crazy and I’m really grateful for it.

9. Tell us about the projects you’re working on?

It’s crazy how much unreleased music I have right now. I’ve been in the studio with Ryan Tedder. I got something in the works with him and I’m very excited about that. I just can’t wait to put out new music.

10. What keeps you occupied when you are not creating music?

When I’m not in the studio or touring I love hanging out with my family and friends and just relax. I love having them around me. But I think the moments that I’m not producing are very rare.

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