It seems that everyday Kim Kardashian West drops a new beauty product. From contour kits and liquid lipsticks, to fragrances, she seems to nail every product. Not only is her latest launch an ode to Kanye’s popular song, ‘Ultralight Beam’, but also lives up to its glam title!

The Ultralight Beams Duo features an array of glitzy lip glosses and highlighters. Essentially, each gloss comes with a matching shade of powders. There are currently 5 shades available – a pearly one, light gold, rose gold, bronze and copper.

What we love the most about this collection, is its versatility. The glosses can be worn alone for a sheer wash of glitter or can be layered over a bold lipstick. The powders however, are the real heroes. You can sweep them on as highlighters or combine them with a mixing medium to get a super metallic finish. Use them on your lids, pouts or even all over your body like Kim K.!

Considering their sparkly finish, this launch has come just in time for all our Christmas parties. You can order them off

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