These 2017 Food Trends Are Equal Parts Odd And Utterly Interesting

These 2017 Food Trends Are Equal Parts Odd And Utterly Interesting

Alisha Fernandes

201 7 has been many things. In many ways life-changing, momentous and in some cases, downright bizarre. So much has happened in this past year from the Trump presidency to the #MeToo campaign that brought out some truly disturbing sexual harassment stories, to Delhi choking in the smog and Manushi Chillar bringing home the Miss World crown after 17 years! There were also solar eclipses, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and GST and Virushka; oh our heads are spinning.


And on top of all of that, 2017 saw some truly weird and interesting food obsessions. No, we’re not talking about Avocado Toast, that’s so 2016. You don’t know about these?  Read on and be amazed.

1. Frosé

The meet-cute between rosé and ice sparked one of the biggest trends in food this year. Cooling, Instagram-friendly and so delicious – what’s not to love about frosé.

2. Golden Latte

This is not news to us, obviously, but turmeric a.k.a. haldi has just about been discovered by the rest of the world and crowned a miracle ingredient. And its everywhere. Tumeric or Golden Latte, most popularly.

3. Poke

Poke is cubed, fresh raw seafood, usually tuna or octopus, mixed with soy sauce, green onions and sesame oil and served over rice, and is traditionally a Hawaiian dish that made it’s way to mainland USA and then around the world. Considering it’s so close to sushi, this is an easy favourite for Japanese food lovers.

4. Sorghum

In today’s gluten-free world, this grain is winning. It is gluten-free, high in antioxidants, protein and fiber and can lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

5. Sushi Donuts

Sushi Donuts are the new cronuts, it seems. Sushi ingredients shaped like donuts made to look Instagram-worthy in ever way. And yum.

6. Unicorn Errrything

Diametrically opposite to the charcoal, all-black vibe, unicorn food is all pretty and magical even though it might look better as a picture than it tastes.

7. Matcha Errrything

Matcha has been a long-stay in terms of food trends. A fine green tea powder, it has been consumed in Japan for centuries. And it’s vivid green colour and antioxidant properties have made it a millennial favourite. You can now find matcha-flavoured anything. No kidding.

8. Boozy Ice Cream

This delicious treat keeps the kid in us alive and happy and the adult in us sufficiently buzzed. What more could you ask for from a food trend?

9. Activated Charcoal

Apparently activated charcoal has all these properties that remove toxins and now it’s being used to create black everything, Charcoal Ice Cream being the most popular.

10. Edible Insects

Celebrity chefs the world over have been propagating the idea of eating insects, which by the way is very common in South East Asian and South American countries. But now, as sustainability is becoming more of a pressing issue than ever before, protein-rich insects are gaining in popularity.

11. Zero Waste

Food wastage is a primary topic of concern these days and with astounding numbers of the tonnes of edible food waste that the restaurant industry and general consumers, moves are being made in a big way to curb this wastage. There is a war in developed nations against supermarket chains who throw out “ugly” or bruised but perfectly edible produce and now eco-conscious chefs the world over are using precisely these “ugly”  ingredients in their restaurants.


All this talk of food has made us hungry… You?